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Mission Statement:
"To provide horsemen an opportunity for professional and personal growth, by increasing their understanding of the horse with which they work and enhancing their professional skills."

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September Update

Busiest Fall in several years

September 17-October 10: Groom Elite 101 at Laurel Park

October 22-26. Basic Grooming 099 at Belmont Park, New York. (see below)

September 17 - Groom Elite 101 graduation at Presue Isle Downs on Master's NIght.

Sometime during those two months, an assessment visit to James River Work Center and teaching visit to Wateree Correctional.

 Want to work with racehorses at Belmont Park? 

Basic Grooming 099 October 22-26 will prepare you for an entry level position.  If you are interested in attending, contact the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association.

Want to work with horses? This workforce preparation class will provide theBG099 basic horse handling and care knowledge and skills you will need to work safetly around equine athletes. Learn tterminology and skills required for entry level worker positon in the equine industry, with specific emphasis on racehorses. Participants that complete this course and pass evaluations on Friday are virtually assured of being offered a job. If space is available (class size limited to 24 and we will maintain a waiting list), BG099 is a good class for individual horse owners and those wishing to become horse owners, particularly owners working with retired racehorses. Sponsored by the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, there is no tuition for this class.  To sign up contact:
New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association directly at
Office Phone: 516-488-2337
Email: info@nytha.com

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  Next Trainers Exam Prep Class: Lexington, Kentucky November 16-18.

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 You can help us improve lives of humans and horses!

The Elite Program suports efforts to improve the welfare and safety of all horses with emphasis on racehorses, active and retired. Training a groom to recognize early warning signs of colic or subtle indications of an impending injury provides a direct  benefit to those horses by enabling treatment that prevents more serious and even life threatening illness or injury.

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All horses, especially racehorses, are at risk of injury and health problems. In addition to the pressures of daily confinement, racehorses' legs are subjected to the pounding of speed work and their general health is challenged by exposure to large numbers of horses from many different locations.Read More