In Their Words...

Comments About the Groom Elite Programs

"I have learned more in the past five weeks about my job than in the seven years I've been doing it"

Doug Smith, 101 & 201 Certified Groom Elite

"Even guys who have been rubbing horses forever should go through the program. It is good for everybody - me [the trainer] and them [the grooms] and especially the horses"

Robin Graham, Trainer

"The best thing I have done for myself"

Ellsworth Williams, 101 Certified Groom Elite

"The knowledge gained by the students will inure to the benefit of their employers and their horses for years to come"

Ed Halpern, Executive Director of California Thoroughbred Trainer's Association

"I have had the opportunity to attend university courses and the instruction we received in the Groom Elite course was not any different from those [university courses]."

Leyla Churr, attendee of Groom Elite 101 course

"Eight of my grooms took the course [101] and within weeks I noticed a difference in the quality of their work"

Donnie Von Hemel, trainer

"...Now I feel more comfortable, more confident. I feel I really learned a lot. This is a very good idea"

Efrain Chavez, 101 & 201 Certified Groom Elite

"This comprehensive educational program has assisted in enhancing the level of knowledge, skill and professionalism of those workers attending the course. Students reflect a greater awareness and pride in their work."

Jenine Sahadi, Trainer

"...This summer [I worked] for a trainer at Santa Anita and Del Mar. One of the grooms from our barn is a graduate of the Groom Elite program...It was obvious that she knew a significant amount more about her job and her level of care of the horses far surpassed the other grooms." ( referring to a graduate from the Santa Anita 01 program)

Jordyn Brand, Student, University of Arizona Racetrack Management Program & groom

"...No one before really taught me why I was doing what I did. I have graduate for the first time in my life and my family is very proud."

Florencio Camacho, 101 & 201 Groom Elite Graduate with over 8 years prior experience